Lauren Starling

You may find this site to be suprisingly bare. But it’s here to do one purpose, at the moment, and that is protect my brand. What is my brand? Why my name, of course! Lauren Starling If you’re not already aware of how much is out there on the web about you, you should probably go ahead and Google your name right now. Don’t worry. This doesn’t make you egotistical, it just makes you smart. You don’t think colleges, potential employers or prospective clients are going to do the same?  They already are. Time to get ahead of the game.

There are many names this process goes by, especially depending on your goals. Mostly, it’s called Online Reputation Management. Analyze your current situation to determine your goals. Hopefully, you are starting out with just proactive (or protective) brand management.  This is where, when you Google your name, there isn’t much out there about you or what is out there is fairly neutral. This is great news! As my mom always said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Basically, your goal here would be to start dominating the Search Engines with your name or brand by just putting out content in relation to it. If there’s nothing out there it should be some what more simple to achieve your goals.

It gets a bit more difficult, however, when you already have a load  of negative or questionable content out there.  It’s possible this was all brought about unfairly by competition or a disgruntled employer. Doesn’t matter. The Search Engine neither know nor care about the difference. But you do! And you are not helpless. Now is the time to take charge.  Feel free to contact Lauren Starling for help. (This is what I do everyday!)